Thursday, Movie Night <3 31.10.2013

feeling extremely tired today after a bottle of fat bastard last night. been having sore throat & lots of phlegm. *need to stop drinking. my sister made me a cup of manuka honey this morning. #awwwww
cooked 川贝雪梨蜜 Double-boiled Chuan Bei with Taiwan Pear this morning before i left home so i can have them tonight when i get back home. #icook it's my first try cooking such soup/dessert though. Kind-hearted S got me the Nan Bei Xing & Chuan Bei (:
cant wait to go home to try them at night! soooo sleepy at work, attended a movie night by Citibank for THOR
was feeling crappy & restless with the sick bug. stayed in office the entire day & Jean bb bought pizza for lunch.
In Val Racer Cut Dress for Citibank Private Screening for THOR at GV Vivo. 
headed home straight after movie, been awhile since i'm home that early. 
had my pear soup before bed. (: slept ultra early. 
it's TGIF tomorrow. (: