Wednesday <3 30.10.2013

Crappy morning trying to settle the car thing, thank GOD for everyone who were there to give me some advice on handling car insurance claim. 
Almost cried seeing the texts from my sisters. ): Cant thank them both enough. When i said sorry, eldest replied "dont have to say sorry, glad you're safe and the rest doesn't matter. elder sister even offered to buy me some happy food & deliver it over to my office to cheer me up. #familyisthebest 
Got a surprise tart from the boss from American Club after i got back from the insurer. #awwww
Late lunch with S for some dim sum fix #thankful #rainbow 
Dinner with N over bad food & fat bastard. food here is seriously bad, you probably need to get drunk first before food else you'll be upset. haha. #cantstoplaughing #totallyneedadrink
p.s. need to stop drinking.