How i spent my crazy tuesday before my flight at 0600hrs <3 22.10.2013

This week is a short week for me since i'll be away from Wednesday & back this weekend for PonyPockets. 

was in the office to clear some mails before i go on leave. *hardworking 


lunch was over at Soup Restaurant, OVERLOADED. 


after hours was spent at Morton's Bar with my super spontaneous thirsty hippos for a good 2hrs drown in martinis & talking about anything everything. okay girls, the appletini is to die for here. Happy hours with free flow of steak sandwiches cant get any better.#cantgetenough


cant drive for real after 3 martinis, thank god the mighty best friend came in time to pick me up while i left my car at Oriental. #canalwayscountonleroy 


and off we go for more drinks! i'm a cocktail addict seriously. 


Jekyll & Hyde at 49 Tras Street. 2 weeks old but awesomely magical. we had 5 cocktails & we totally love all of them. i personally love Salted Caramel & Kyoho Grape while the best friend had his usual whisky. <3  crazily nice. trust me if you love bespoke cocktails, this is where you've to go & walk out with a happy ending.

supper done at Imperial Treasure Steamboat. in need of something nice, warm & soupy after all the drinks on a tuesday night.

and so, that pretty much sums up my crazy tuesday night before i headed home with no sleep & left at 4am to the airport to catch my flight.#crazybutawesome