Monday Fix <3 14 October 2013

This week is going to be a laid back week as I was given a few days of "MC". 
slept my day away with the furball on the couch while the helper cleaned up my room. 
Monday is "Girlfriends Day"! Met up with the girlfriends at my current fav joint - The Black Swan. 
Just when i said i needed a Halloween Care Bear, my best friend bought this for ME! #awww #sweetest
Our Trusty Bartender - Angeline
i'm absolutely in love with hazelnut ice cream cocktail! 
and since it's PH tomorrow, we hopped over to WineBar, Maison Ikkoku & Mink. 
xx, loves! <3
"Mr Halloween"
end off the night with... Korean BBQ! <3 
Good Night World, Happy PH tomorrow! (:
Angeline xxx