HELLO Loves, xx!

Hello, Everyone!!! Decided to update this space since i rarely get to spend my Sunday at home.

Okay, to start off... My name is Angeline, *waves hi* (hehe). I'm a co-owner of www.ponypockets.com - a venture between me & my 2 blood sisters! I usually update snippets of my life via my Facebook [https://www.facebook.com/babyangelina] & Instagram [@babyyyangelina] accounts.

And yes, I do a little modeling for Pony Pockets sometimes. Year 2013 has been really fruitful and good so far. The sisters finally embarked on getting Pony Pockets started. I must say having your own biz is a lot of work, from sourcing a reliable manufacturer (workmanship), visits to fabric markets to check out those fabrics, scheduling photo shoots, managing warehouse inventory and the list goes on... Indeed challenging! Even so, we insist getting ourselves involved in every single process from manufacturing, designs and sales to ensure quality products. Credits to my 2 most amazing sisters who prefers to be behind the scene. 

Aside from managing PonyPockets, i hold a full time occupation as a Events/Transportation manager during the day. Yeah, I do love coordinating and planning events & transport arrangements (despite the intense stress faced during major events - ESP Formula One). I like my job, my colleagues, the challenges and the people i get to meet at each event. These interesting factors were enough to keep me going for the past 5 years of my life. My boss and customers have been really supportive with "the birth of Pony Pockets", they all agreed that's where i should be even though many of times i get chided by my boss for "overdress" or "too dressy" for our line.  

Now, what about my life? I just had TWO of my wisdom tooth removed just yesterday! *OUCH* this wisdom thingy has been bugging me for almost a week & i finally have time to get them removed yesterday! Quoting from my dentist, my upper tooth is apparently "VERY STRONG" and the surgery took me 2hrs?! Apparently, he must have used up all his energy at the beginning as he had to take a break in between the extraction surgery. Lol. After battling for 2hrs, i had 2 wisdom tooth (left upper & lower) removed which made me looked like a vampire just finished with her feed - blood all over my mouth area, numbness & a swollen cheek! However, I must say I do have the best dentist in the world (well, at least in Singapore), Dr Tan Chin Hwee has been my dentist for the longest time. Any treatment by him is almost PAINLESS even my Wisdom Tooth Extraction! It's amazing, i can vouch for that (btw, not some dental advertising here)! Before my extraction, everyone around me was telling me about how painful it would be BUT aside from the feeling of numbness felt across the gum, cheek and neck (which were inevitable), i experienced ZERO pain even after the anesthetic has worn off. 

And guess where i went after my wisdom tooth extract? The crazy GF & I made it to Miss Selfridge AW13 Fashion Party at Paragon with my swollen self! #nothingcanstopgirlsfromshopping I bagged home 5 items from the launch & finally had time for some food! 



Here's the girlfriend & myself at Crystal Jade Golden Palace. *sorry for the swollen look* 


P.S.BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE for the love you've showered upon Pony Pockets! Through PonyPockets, i met some customers who became friends, and many really nice people! I <3 seeing the smile & joy on their faces when they received our parcels & of course the positive feedbacks and compliments they gave on our products! It just makes everything so worthwhile & fulfilling. Even though Pony Pockets is (nearly) 3 months old, I have decided this is something i am willing to sacrifice my time on and grow old with! That's all for now... got to get ready for dinner! Stay tuned for more updates!