Kelly Polka Dots top for a late night supper

I am always up for a late night supper. It doesn't help my waist line especially since Superstar K BBQ popped up in Singapore. If you haven't tried, I don't know what you are waiting for. Apparently, the shop is run by mostly Koreans so it adds a touch of authenticity. Like all Korean BBQ restaurants, it comes with free flow starter dishes, i.e. kimchi, beansprouts, seasoned ikan bilis, preserved beancurd skin and the star among ALL, got to be the steam egg! I couldn't resist to just one bowl every time.

Main course - Meat are very fresh and marinades works very well. You know some restaurants serve up frozen meat with no shame, I can assure you won't be treated to such disgust in this restaurant. The other dishes which I always ordered along are of course, Bibimbab, short rib soup and bean curd stew. It does all sound a lot of food, but I guessed I just kept telling myself I deserve some really nice treats after a long day work.

For such spread of food after work, it's always wise to wear something casual, comfy, loose (not baggy) and still chic to risk looking sloppy.

My pick this time is non other than Kelly Polka Dots blouse which I had during the day for work. I paired it with a skirt during the day and changed it up with a pair of Jessy shorts at night for a totally different look.

If you haven't get your piece of Kelly Polka Dots top or authentic Korean BBQ, DO IT NOW! :)