Preparation before 'I DO' - Fitness

I know, we all aren't too fond of EXERCISING! I used to feel reluctant to just show up for MYSELF in the gym every single time. But I have shifted my mindset over the years and exercising is really indeed something you will NEVER regret after you did it, but ALWAYS regret if you don't.

I started small and slow, slow walk, to brisk walk to run. 15 mins to 30 mins to 40 mins etc. The fact is, it gives me so much more energy. In the past, I would just sleep / take a nap whenever I am tired, but now, I will try to squeeze in a work out and I kid you not, I feel more refreshed than having a nap.

Of course I am not going to lie, am not ALWAYS in the mood even if it's only 3 times a week. So sometimes I forgive myself and promised myself to go another day. One thing for sure, I never break a promise to myself and you should never do that. After all, if your mind can't even trust itself, who can it trust? It is also a perfect way to discipline my mind and this has helped me in many other aspects of my life. Now, to look great for your big day, you have to definitely in-cooperate some work out into your daily regime.

My advise to you is try to make it fun and grab a work out buddy to keep you motivated. Take this period as a chance to 'force' you to cultivate a healthy habit.

Once you eat well and work out, you will notice how your skin and body changes and you will definitely not regret starting at all! So ladies, let's do it! :)