Easter bunny calling!

Hi Ladies, Easter is coming! This is actually the time of the year that I stuffed myself with Hot-Cross buns and chocolate! I have a penchant for Easter eggs, am always fascinated by how beautifully one could decorate a simple plain egg. 
Some fun facts about Easter Egg. Do you know Easter eggs were once an imperial tradition in Russia? It was crafted from gold and used to hide numbers of jewellery surprises from Russian czar Alexander the Third to his wife in 1885. I can only imagine any woman would be over the moon to receive such bejewelled eggs every Easter! Wonder why did such beautiful tradition stopped?!
Ok, as promised, we will be revealing a surprise.
GIVEAWAY! On a recent trip to UK, I discovered this amazing praline chocolate and decided to trace the source of it. Long story short, very fortunately, we managed to find the wonderful woman behind this brand , Bellucci Boneiri (they have recently changed brand's name). It all stemmed from her love for chocolate in Turin,Italy and hoping to bring this exquisitely wrapped joys from Italy to UK. We all know how English are stuck to their chocolate candy (frown), Cadbury. Therefore to find a good chocolate was indeed a arduous task.
Am enchanted by these intricately designed metal Easter Eggs shell which encases one of the most delicious range of chocolates they have – Gianduiotti. I love the fact I could even re-use the case to store some of my precious stuffs. (In hope to bring back the bejewelled egg tradition again ;) )
Boneiri chocolate promises quality and it was love at first bite for me! It is currently retailed exclusively only in Harrods, London (they do ship internationally) and we are thrilled to be able to share this with 8 of our customers this Easter!

From the period of 15th April to 20th April 2014, with a minimum spending of $80 per order, you will stand a chance to walk away with a Boneiri Egg! 



We are privileged to have cooperative Mr. Barney in studio with us to show you how pretty these eggs are.

SHOP your favorite pieces and win this precious eggs and velvety chocolate NOW!

P.S. Mr. Barney is not available for giveaway or sales :)