Bombay Sapphire | G&T Re-Imagined ♥ 04.12.2013

bar hopping for Bombay Sapphire East.
Boulevard No.9 x PVT x Bitters & Love.
3 bars in a night, endless Gin & Tonic with renowned korean mixlogist/barcadi martini brand ambassador - Kim Bong Ha.
bartender making us ours drinks! G&T FTW. i'm a Gin Convert now (:
doing the G&T ritual.
Guess Who?
Gael. xx
our forever so bubbly and pretty Cordelia. xx
OOTD in PonyPockets new launch Hailey Skirt (:
drinks served onboard the bus while on our way to our next destination. lol
that's Kim Bong Ha. 
had so much fun with the girls. xx
so much G&T. #spoilt 
Bitters & Love - Last Stop
thank you Cordelia for the invites! we had so much fun with the girls & everyone else getting to know about the new bombay sapphire east. <3 showered & spoilt with so much G&T in a night. it was incredibility amazing.