one awesome saturday with people i cannot live without. <3 26.10.2013

after sleeping my afternoon away, out & about to meet team smileys. 
Dinner at Morton's. 
what's morton's without appletini. (:
back at Jekyll & Hyde. addictive
trying out at the back alley. 
first drink
the eye ball drink for halloween
got gwennie's cake from Patisserie G. The G Spot. 
cant say how awesome this place is, you have to check it out yourself. (:
hopped over 28 Hong Kong Street. bad drinks bad crowds. #notmycupoftea 
decided to check clarke quay out since the halloween thingy is going on. mad hilarious. 
guess what? bumped into my bil in there & he brought us to Zouk x Velvet to party. cant complain much having such awesome bil. 
we literally partied till the lights came on and left drunk at some korean restaurant for some warm soup. 
that's my crazy saturday, for gwennie's advance bday part 1. love her to the moon & back. <3